February 1997 - Week 2

Six Days On The Road

By Janet Murphy

Sawyer Brown have made some excellent videos over the years and I guarantee that with this one they have another hit. In it we find the band crammed into an old estate car with all the equipment loaded on the roof, and headed for home after Six Days On The Road It's all go as the guys pass around the coffee and food and leave the car looking pretty much like mine does when the kids have been in it. The garage stop sees the boys set up to play as lead singer Mark Miller joins in the dancing. Gone is the goatee that he sported in his last video and in comes a new crewcut look (It's a rather severe look, but then I guess if the rest of your hair is receding faster than the tide on a full moon, no one will really notice). Here we have one of the best bands in the business who have maintained an impressive catologue of hits while keeping their individuality. My star award this week is going to the boys in the band for this most welcome video.

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