Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard    Keyboard

Gregg Hobie Hubbard of Sawyer Brown

Steven Gregg Hubbard (Hobie) is the Keyboard player and stabilizing influence of Sawyer Brown.

Born:                         October 4th  (that settles those rumors)
Birthplace:                 Orlando, Florida
Hair Color:                Light Brown  (yes, cats, that is his natural color)
Eyes:                          Blue  (more then matches his mood - but he has to put up with the rest of the band)
Left or right handed: Right  (that's under the left brain's control. Does that mean he's not in his right mind?)
Marital Status:           Single  (line forms behind Annette)
Hobbies:                    Eating Pizza, Going to the Movies  (Do you think he brings the pizza to the movies, or brings the movies home to the pizza?)

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