Review Of Sawyer Brown's

Six Days On The Road

By McVey

One thing that's exceedingly rare in country music these days staying power. Amazingly, this is Sawyer Brown's 14th album in 13 years. In a lot of ways they're like the Energizer Bunny, they last and last and last.... Of course, they keep getting better and better and better...

This perennial fan-favorite loads up the album with 13 solid songs. They stick with their characteristically rambunctions style on Six Days On The Road and Night And Day, and continue their more recent ways with poignant ballads such as This Night Won't Last Forever , a cover of the late '70s Michael Johnson pop hit and With This Ring, a wedding song if I ever heard one.

In addition to providing lead vocals, Mark Miller also wrote or co-wrote seven songs and co-produced the album with fellow song-writer Mac McAnally. The only criticism of the album comes from a handful of melodies that sound to similar. However, it packs an abundance of lyric creativity and variety.

Recorded entirely in Muscle Shoals, Ala., there's little doubt that this well-written, well-crafted album will continue Sawyer Brown's winning ways for a long time to come.

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