Review Of Sawyer Brown's

This Thing Called Wantin' And Havin' It All

By Lydia Dixon Harden

Sawyer Brown presents their most consistent album to date. They have maintained their small town outlook and emerge as modern day philosophers who hammer home their point with a garage band gutsiness. They have no problem cutting themselves down to size on Big Picture. They deliver the title cut like a grand moral play, and show optimism on She's Gettin' There. The highlight of the album is the tender ballad, I Will Leave The Light On. While Round Here may be background music for a phone commercial, the last cut, Small Town Hero, ends things on a downbeat thought. But this dose of realism, proving that everything in life is not all roses, nails down what Sawyer Brown has transpired into, a band who is keenly aware of the bitter and the sweet.

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