Review Of Sawyer Brown's
Six Days On The Road

The new Vocal Group of Year, releases an album that backs up the award. After 13 albums, can a group still have a fresh sound. You bet!!! Sawyer Brown latest release is definetly going to get the people talking about them way into the milenium. The title track a remake of Dave Dudley's hit in the 60's, proves that there is nothing Mark Miller and the boys can't sing. With Mark co-writing half the album, you get a real sense of what the group stands for. 'Talkin' About You' and 'Transistor Rodeo' show that the group have not lost their fun loving style that brought them their sucess. The last song, a tribute to Brook Berringer, the young Nebraska quarterback, that died earlier, makes you appreciate Sawyer Brown and what they bring to country music.

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