Radio Special of This Thing Called Wantin' And Havin' It All


1. 8:04
*Welcome* introducing Mark And Hobie

Song #1: "Nothing Less Then Love"

2. 12:15
*Fan Club* talking about the fan club breakfast and how many members are in the fan club

Song #2: "Treat Her Right"

*Tailor Made* talking about how "Treat Her Right" was perfect for the album

Song #3: "Big Picture"

*Buying CD's* what albums do the band members buy?

3. 12:10
*Sixth Man* they talk about America's favorite red head, Mac McAnally

Song #4: "Small Town Hero"

*Tour Plans* talking about the up-coming tour to promote the album

Song #5: "Another Mile"

4. 14:56
*New Daddy* talking about quality time at home

Song #6: "I Will Leave The Light On"

Song #7: "'Round Here"

*Small Town Life* talks about how Mark and Hobie are from small towns and how "She's Gettin' There" was written

Song #8: "She's Gettin' There"

5. 5:38
*Making the video* talks about making the video for "Wantin' And Havin' It All" and describes some of the lyrical content

Song #9: "This Thing Called Wantin' And Havin' It All"

Radio Show Close

6. :27
Radio Station Promo #1
7. :26
Radio Station Promo #2

Total Content Time - 53 minutes.

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